Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let's Keep in Touch

This blog is created specially for you to serve as an alternative interaction platform where our conversation continues!

We invite you to share with us your take-aways and feedback of visit. Please click at COMMENTS to share your thoughts.

Thank you for visiting SST.


  1. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to learn from your school. We've learnt a lot from this visit. I hope you can come to visit our experimental school in the future.
    I also hope there will be opportunity for collaboration.

    Tak Wai Chan

  2. 對於辦school的理路,感受很多。Thanks!

  3. 很高興今天能到貴校參觀,看到你們學生的傲人成就,及老師們的努力,很值得我們學習。

  4. Teaching by web and technology is trend.The best advantage is that the method of learning is more diversification.

  5. I am glad to come here---SST.The school is so technoliogical and scientific. we can use Internet widely to research everything that we need! Free wifi is so useful! Very good!